9 Tips to make you better at Warzone!

Are you tired of losing continuously in Warzone? Do you want to get better? If your answer was yes, then these nine tips could help you out. Implementing these tips will make you faster and more skilled at the battle royale game.

If you are overwhelmed by the number of weapons, agents and decisions to take to win the game, don’t be. These tips will make it a little easier for you to get better.

Let us get right into the tips!

1. Getting to the ground faster:

Getting to the ground quicker than anyone else is a great advantage to have. You will be able to get a weapon and be able to eliminate people who are unarmed and get an advantage. How do you get to the ground swiftly? When close to the ground, your parachute auto-deploys. You can cut your parachute and get to the ground. Just note that you have to deploy your parachute by yourself again.

2. Protection in a fight:

Armour plates are extremely important. When you are rotating out in the mid-game, battles are likely. Not having armour plates will get you eliminated easily. You can get armour satchels on the ground and in hot drops. If you are at buy stations, you can get armour bundles. Having armour is a great advantage. It can ensure your win if you consistently switch them out.

3. Contracts:

Contracts are a quick and easy way to raise money and XP. Scavenger and recon contracts are great for money. Extra cash should be kept. It helps out a lot. Having extra cash will help you in multiple ways. You can buy loadout drops, revives and much more.


4. Loadout drops:

As we were talking about in the previous tip, if you have finished your contracts and got a lot of money, it is advantageous to get a loadout drop. Looking for guns on the ground is not great, since it’s hard to find a gun you like. It is only useful if you need a gun to defend yourself with or when you find a good gun. Loadout drops allow you to choose any gun you want along with perks.

5. Getting off a building:

If you are in a dire situation, running down the stairs and making a lot of noise wastes time and reveals your position. Instead, jump off of the building and use your parachute. You will get down quick and without revealing your position. Just remember to land somewhere nearby since you will make noise when landing.

6. Camping in a fight:

If you are in a fight and are hiding in a corner, don’t wait for the enemy to come to you. This is a common mistake. Instead, use smart positioning and work your way around to confuse the enemy. The enemy will have to make decisions quick which will lead them to revealing their position.

7. The element of surprise:

To win games in Warzone, master the element of surprise. Surprising your enemy will confuse them, leading them to make bad decisions which will give you an advantage. The enemies will start running away in the open which will lead you to getting the surprise.

8. Standing still:

This is a common mistake that 99% of people make in first person shooter games. STANDING STILL. Do not stand still in the open for any reason whatsoever. A lot of good players wait for someone to stop walking and take the shot to get the kill. This tip doesn’t only apply in Warzone, it applies in most shooting games.

9. Vehicle as cover:

If you need to hide, use your vehicle as cover. It’s durable and a quick escape object. Just be wary that the enemy can shoot the vehicle or blow it up.

These are a few of the tips you need to work your way to becoming better at Warzone. If you liked this article, please share it with other people so they can become better.

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