You can apply for being staff on Discord here.

Requirements for applying :
– Level 5+ on Plasma Bot (check your level by typing “.rank” in the bot commands channel.) 
– 3 or less active warnings
– 12 years of age
– Must be professional and kind

Terms and Conditions :
– By applying you understand your role can be taken at any moment if you choose to be inactive and/or abuse your power
– You are aware that as a moderator you may be exposed to things that could be stressful or unsettling.
– Only apply if you are planning on being a dedicated and long lasting staff member. Do not apply if you are bored or have nothing better to do
– Do not complain to staff members if you are rejected. Decisions are final.
– After applying, do not ask any staff members to review your applications. Your application will be rejected automatically. 
– The CounterHawks don’t deserve a cookie. 
– If you get accepted, you will be placed as a Trial Moderator where you will have limited permissions. During your time with this role, you will have to take tests. These tests are to help you improve your moderation skills. We inspect your actions for a month and, if you pass the tests, it will be decided if you get promoted. In the event you do not get promoted, you may be asked to retake a test after three months.
– This application may take some time to complete.

Recommendations :
– Don’t change your username until selections have been announced. 
– Use complete sentences and proper grammar.
– Reread your answers and make sure you have correct spelling and grammar as this will be counted against you.